Thursday, January 14, 2010

How do they do French tips in the nail salon?

I've never been to a nail salon, but I do paint my own nails--flowers and all those designs. I've never figured out how they do French tips in the nail salon...probably because I've never been in one. Don't give me the tape's a waste of tape and probably takes a lot of time. The Q-tip method is much better but I would like to know how they do it in the nail salons. People who have gotten a French tip in a nail salon or people who work at a nail salon, can you please tell me?

Thank you very much. =)How do they do French tips in the nail salon?
If you talking about natural nails they paint 2 coats of white polish on. Leave it dry for a bit. Using a fine brush and dipping it in nail polish , slowly remove the polish and create a happy smiley line. After that one coat of base coat. One or two coat of a light beige or light pink colour polish on top. Some usually leave it clear or paint a clear pink polish. Then Top coat.

Need a little practice and it won't be to hard, once you get it.

Patient and precise.

You can draw it by hand but it won't give it a nice natural perfect nail curve line. How do they do French tips in the nail salon?
There are different ways to achieve it. If you always want white tip and never want a color painted on, then they would probably put literally a white tip on your nails and then do the acrylic. Another way is to have it painted on. They paint the tip white and then clean it up with a small brush dipped in nail polish remover (that is the method I recommend)

Im talking fake nails here though, not natural nails
I guess you mean when they paint them on?

I get french acrylic tip, I think they look prettier.

Just do the Q-tip method if you like it. It just takes practice. You can get acrylic kits at the store like target or walmart, maybe ulta or sephora.

Hope I helped.
well the sell kits at Walgreen's, grocery stores, and any salon supply stores. They have every thing you will need and directions. But if you by the cheap one it will be just that. Spring for the best and your nails will look Great!!
usually the tail tech just does them by hand, with like just regular nail polish. or if you get acrylics they use white tips so then they dont have to do anything but paint them a clearish pink or beige color of polish.
they usually airbrush it on when you go to the salon...but if its fake nails they usually use a special white tip tht they just glue on

hope it helped
a very fine brush or solid brush and they will make that layer once the first or second coating of the first task that is done. u shuld go and experience it
A very fine brush, like a very fine paint brush. VERY FINE. If you haven't been you should go once, it's and experience. :P
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